This week we're not so different you and I, Silver Storm's crappy brother is just the worst. There is no joke I just actually hate Meadow recommendati...View Details

This week we threaten a time ghost, take drugs, and take a step forward emotionally. Silver Storm is cringe but she's free. recommendations featured i...View Details

This week is all about ghosts, dreams, and emotional crossroads. Sorry about the lack of intro music recommendations featured in this episode: https:/...View Details

this week we're all over the place with horsey Darth Vader and the steel rangers. Flare has terrible taste in men. recommendations featured in this ep...View Details

This week we meet Smooth Tongue again and its just the worst time all-around. And yet you live in horse society, I am very smart. recommendations feat...View Details

This week HG gets an upgrade, learns even well-meaning actions have consequences and meets up again with an enemy thought dead. Also some cool fanart ...View Details

This week we meet the laughing stallion and also flirt with an ethereal god horse. This week had some weird technical difficulties apologies in advanc...View Details

This week everything goes wrong, we team up with Batmare, and meet and Angel (a good one this time). This podcast gets +10% damage against all genders...View Details

This week HG feels the repercussions of being a hithorse for hire and meets the mysterious Mr. House. Megatron has fallen so I, Starscream shall becom...View Details

This week HG gets an on-the-job interview to work with the mysterious Mr house, also EELS! This week was brought to you by Scootaborg, get yours today...View Details

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