This week our living avalanche of a protagonist settles old debts, fights Thistle the best new character, and eats some grass. Why does everypony forg...View Details

This week the mountain base is full to bursting with tiny pastel equines and Hired Gun has to wrangle this rodeo to save the City. If the biggest guy ...View Details

This week we meet Flare's family he forgot to mention for 34 chapters. Peg-Ah-See recommendations featured in this episode: https://blacklivesmatters....View Details

this week Silver girlbosses her way through all her problems. Pour one out for Starscream.  recommendations featured in this episode: https://blackliv...View Details

This week we return to Dise yet again, with our true villains revealed(maybe) we finally have a direction we're moving towards, also Molly is back. We...View Details

This week we try and put the war on pause and it goes about as well as you expect. Ceaseless watcher, turn your gaze upon this wretched thing.   recom...View Details

This week we finally learn who's been pulling the horse strings, also Platinum Haze and Hired Gun kiss which is naturally the more important part. Ser...View Details

This week the party races to save Serentity from a very evil scientist and then a huge bomb gets dropped. This fic goes off the rails in the weirdest ...View Details

This week phi spends a lot of time talking about the dangers of nationalism, also a military coup and we hate Platinum Haze less this time. Can you fi...View Details

This week everyone sucks but especially the big horse. Brought to you by Sleep Deprivation  recommendations featured in this episode: https://blackliv...View Details

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